I’m Ollie and I’m a multi award-nominated playwright and screenwriter. 


A little about me: I’m a die-hard Tim Minchin fan, I know all the words to Act One of Hamilton, I saw The Great Gatsby seven times in the cinema and if I see a dog when walking I’ll address the dog ahead of the person. I mean, that’s as good as anything.


I began writing when at university having joined the Theatre Club almost immediately. It led onto my first play being written, Hold for Three Seconds, a three hander about strangers trapped in a lift. The play would go on to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and from there I would earn a place on the Almeida’s Labyrinth Writing Course.


It was this course which taught me all the necessities of writing for theatre and it has proven a wonderful leap frog for me to learn more about writing and being brought onto other projects.

I am currently a member of the Hampstead Theatre Inspire 2020 course. I'm on attachment with the Hampstead all year under the supervision of playwright Roy Williams - it has been a true shining light and point of inspiration this year. 


I’m also slowly moving into television writing as well as theatre. I’m adapting my play Cuttings into a television script, I’m developing my BAFTA Rocliffe Shortlisted Script Boarders and am working on a few other spec scripts.


I’m ever keen to meet new people and learn things and collaborate on projects!

My Writing


Hold For Three Seconds

Hold for Three Seconds ran at the View on North Bridge for a two week run. It starred Reece Connolly, Becky Rourke, Aidan Peppin and Dene Horgan (who also directed the piece.)

Photo credit: Cam Harle