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Those We Exile

Those We Exile was the piece I wrote for the Almeida Labyrinth Greek Festival. It was a course available upon application, we provided information on why we wanted to join the course and a writing sample. From this, around twelve writers joined and we met once a week for around three months - every Thursday, if memory serves. 

All writers on the course were encouraged to write a short piece that would fit within the Almeida’s Greek Season. 


My short comedy, Those We Exile, was about a Master and a Servant banished into the desert. As they move through the desert they continually switch roles until, trying to outwit the other, they both lose all status and sit as two equals.


It was produced on the Almeida’s stage and starred Simon Stache, Grant Leat and Alex Defert and was directed by Amy Daniels. 

A later and revised version of this play would go on to be performed at the Lyric Hammersmith starring Dan Wye and Grant Leat. Directed by Dene Horgan.

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